7 Reasons Why You Need to Get a Zinc Supplement

7 Reasons Why You Need to Get a Zinc Supplement

Zinc is essential for a host of bodily functions. More than perhaps any other mineral, zinc deficiency quickly leads to health problems and the more deficient you are, the more those problems will escalate. Supplementing with zinc is a smart move for anyone, but especially people who live (or want to live) an active lifestyle.

Let’s consider 7 key reasons to get into the daily zinc habit.

Zinc Helps Build Muscle

Zinc is instrumental to cell division and cell growth, making it possible for the body to heal itself after a resistance workout and maintain strength in the muscular-skeletal system. Zinc also helps with the release of such key anabolic hormones as testosterone, insulin and growth hormone.

Zinc Improves Liver Health

Zinc supplementation has been connected with lower levels of liver damage and infection. It also helps to increase nutrient absorption.

Zinc is a Digestive Aid

Zinc improves protein synthesis. It also helps to break down carbohydrates and fats to be converted to energy. It also helps to alleviate common gut issues.

Zinc Enhances Fertility

The fertility boosting qualities of zinc are probably its most well-known feature. In men, it enhances testosterone production and for women, it encourages more production of eggs during ovulation.

Zinc Improves Insulin Release and Uptake

Zinc will ensure that the vital insulin process functions optimally. It will ensure that your pancreas, from which insulin is released is healthy. For diabetics, zinc will help to improve insulin resistance.

Zinc Boosts Your Overall Hormonal Health

The regulation of the myriad of hormones coursing through our body is fundamental to optimal health. Zinc will help to do that job more effectively than any other supplement.

Zinc is an Immunity Booster

Zinc has been widely used as a remedy for the common cold as well as other immune attacks on the body. Keeping your zinc levels topped up will prevent you from getting sick during the winter months. Zinc molecules attach to receptors in your nasal cells and prevent viruses from entering the body.

Zinc is also great if you feel yourself coming down with a cold. A study from India found that zinc supplementation is taken when a person felt themselves coming down with a cold significantly reduced the ongoing symptoms.


The Best Zinc Supplements to Buy

You now have 7 compelling reasons to add Zinc to your daily supplement regimen. All you need now is to discover the best brands. No problem – we’ve got you covered . . .


Designs For Health – Zinc Supreme


DFH Zinc Supreme uses the highest quality zinc in the form of zinc bis-glycinate chelate, providing 2 amino acids of glycine chemically bonded in liquid to one mineral ion of zinc. This ensures optimum absorption. The addition of taurine and vitamin B6 make sure that all your bases are covered.




Poliquin Uber Zinc Px


Uber Zinc Px combines two highly absorbable chelated forms of zinc – zinc orotate and zinc aspartate. These two forms of the mineral are far superior to the cheap zinc salts that are commonly found in lesser products.