Omega-3 Fish Oil: Your Must Have Supplement

When it comes to deciding on daily supplement selection, the options are endless. Yet, there is one supplement that stands out as a non-negotiable – fish oil.

The key ingredient of fish oil is Omega-3 fatty acids, an essential compound which the body cannot manufacture on its own. Another fatty acid which the body is unable to produce is Omega-6. To function optimally, we need to get these compounds through our diet, ideally in a 1:1 ratio. However, the emphasis on wheat-based products in the modern Western diet has seen a drastic imbalance. In fact, most people are walking around with an omega fatty acid ratio of around 20:1 in favour of omega-6.

That means that most of us have a chronic shortage of omega-3 fatty acids in our bodies. That imbalance has a lot to do with the general feeling of lethargy, tendency toward inflammation, digestive upset and cardiovascular inefficiency that many people experience today. By taking a fish oil supplement, you will be providing your body with the essential nutrient that it needs to give you back your health. 

Why from Fish?

While plant sources of Omega-3, such as flaxseed will provide you with Omega-3, the body must convert it into DHA and EFA, and that conversion can be difficult for some people. However, fish oil provides the body with DHA and EPA in a natural form that can be very easily assimilated.

10 Key Fish Oil Benefits

  • Lowers blood triglycerides – high levels of triglycerides are a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease.
  • Reduces the likelihood of blood clots – fish oil prevents blood platelets from sticking together and forming blood clots.
  • Lowers mild blood pressure – fish oil helps to lower high blood pressure resulting from high cholesterol and hardening of the arteries.
  • Reduces inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and gout – fish oil health benefits come from the DHA and EPA that reduce the amount of inflammation-causing substances.
  • Lowers Alzheimer’s risk – research has found that fish oil helps to protect the nervous system, thus lowering the Alzheimer’s risk.
  • Reduces depression – a lack of DHA has been linked to higher incidences of depression. Fish oil provides that essential DHA in abundance.
  • Improves immune system function – fish oil fortifies the body’s natural defences against every disease and has even been linked to lowering the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer.
  • Increases protein synthesis – by speeding up protein synthesis, fish oil plays a key part in the development of new muscle. As well as beefing up protein concentration within the cell, it also increases the size of the muscle cell,
  • Relieves muscle soreness – fish oil has been shown to lower the level of muscle soreness following exercise. That’s because it lowers the secretion of inflammatory molecules after exercise.
  • Improved brain function – fish oil has been proven to increase general cognitive function, including speeding up reaction time and memory recall. 

The Best Fish Oil Supplements for You

Not all fish oil supplements are equal. We only stock the best brands, so you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality product. Here’s an overview of the best of our cutting-edge fish oil products . . .












Design For Heal OmegAvail with Vitamin D3, K1 & K2

OmegaAvail combines the highest potency Omega-3 fish oil on the market with the enhanced benefits of fat-soluble vitamins D and K. Lipase has also been included to enhance digestion and assimilation.

Poliquin EPA DHA 720

Poliquin EPA DHA 720 delivers a highly concentrated dose of cold water fish sourced Omega-3 fatty acids with each 720-gram softgel. With super-fast absorbency, the combination of EPA and DHA fatty acids will deliver the potent health-giving benefits that your body deserves.