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If you are tired of dairy and other lactose issues, if you avoid whey for ethical reasons or just want to give your
digestive system (and the planet) a rest, then our Earth Protein is ideal. Combining natural non GMO and certified
organic plant proteins, with 100% natural flavours and sweeteners, Earth protein is as good for you as it is the planet.

Earth Protein is completely dairy and allergen free, contains no soy and is 100% free of GMO product, added dextrins
and fillers. It utilises a 100% organic Brown Rice Protein as one of its key protein sources.

Earth protein is a careful blend of Non GMO, naturally grown sprouted Rice and Pea proteins, a blend being particularly
beneficial as it tackles the biggest issue with Plant based proteins – their incomplete Amino Acid Spread.

By utilising Rice Protein, it has the benefit of higher levels of Alanine, Tyrosine, Cysteine, Valine and Methionine, with
Pea Protein containing higher levels of Aspartic Acid and Lysine.

This combination makes a great substitute for whey, with a full balanced spectrum of 18 amino acids (which cannot
be gained from either in isolation), in levels which are ideal for muscle growth, recovery and repair. High in specific
Branch Chain Amino Acids, Essential amino acids and Glutamine, consuming plant based proteins no longer needs to
be a compromise.

Our Earth Protein also utilises only 100% natural flavourings and sweeteners, with natural Vanillin, Cocoa and only the
finest Stevia.

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